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About CM Scientific

CM Scientific Ryefield (EU) Ltd. based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, supports our EU customers. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of CM Scientific Ltd., CM Scientific was established in 1980 to supply specialised laboratory materials to Universities, Research Establishments and leading commercial organisations. We now annually support customers in all 27 EU countries with both catalogue products and custom made products.

Our aim is to provide a professional service from initial enquiry to order fulfilment.

VAT Registration Number

IE 3677981AH

Company Registration

Registered in Republic of Ireland 658723

Customers and Our Employees

CM Scientific has a range of customers, from young dynamic undergraduates and post-graduates to experienced Purchasing and Operations Managers and Directors working in large production companies. As a company we aim to support all our customers and understand their priorities whether that is helping to specify a novel custom designed product or offering stock holding and call-off's to support production schedules.

Our customers often have unique applications for the materials that we supply due to the research that they perform - here at CM Scientific we will try to advise and work with customers to provide a solution for their requirements as best we can but sometimes our knowledge will be limited in the cutting edge work that our customers are researching!

We are fortunate that many of our customers are researchers and generously allow us to learn form the work they are doing, helping us to support other customers in similar fields.

As you would expect for a company working in scientific and technical fields our staff are predominately technical graduates and post-graduates with broad backgrounds in both engineering and management roles.

Employees of CM Scientific are also supported by experts based in the Principals that we represent, these leading edge companies have built their reputations through the innovative staff they employ in their specialist fields.

Company Ethos

CM Scientific has built a reputation for its honest approach to doing business, this is demonstrated by its very long standing relationships with Principals and customers alike. We aim to ensure that we are professional and efficient in our approach to both our customers and the Principals that we represent.

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