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Box of two cuvettes

UV Quartz fluorometer cells with PTFE Stopper. Suitable for 195nm - 2.5um wavelengths. Available in a range of Path Lengths from 5mm to 100mm. Cells have four windows polished.

» Standard Fluorometer Cell in UV Quartz with Stopper
  Product ID 1001-213
Price151.45€ (186.28€ Inc. VAT)
Standard Fluorometer Cell with Teflon Stopper,(Qty 2) UV Quartz, PL 10mm, Vol 3.5ml
  Product ID 1001-214
Price151.45€ (186.28€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1001-215
Price170.37€ (209.56€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1001-216
Price212.98€ (261.96€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1001-217
Price246.11€ (302.71€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1001-218
Price283.96€ (349.28€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1001-219
Price520.62€ (640.36€ Inc. VAT)

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