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VitroCom Glass Capillaries and Tubing

VitroCom are specialist in the design and fabrication of Borosilicate, Clear Fused Quartz, and Synthetic Fused Silica capillaries and glass tubing. VitroCom have been servicing the academic and industrial research, medical and fibre optics markets for over 40 years.

Polymicro Fused Silica Capillary

Polymicro Technologies are specialist in the manufacture of Flexible Fused Silica capillary. Available on-line is the standard round TSP range of Polyimide coated capillary in 10m, 25m and 50m reels. If you require different lengths or the TSG, TSU, TSH and WWP ranges of standard capillaries please contact our sales department.

Cuvettes and Cells

The cuvettes and cells that CM Scientific supply are manufactured from high quality quartz and optical glass to a meticulous quality control system to ensure that they meet the highest industry standards and are compatible with most spectrophotometers and fluorometers on the market.

Polymicro Optical Fibre

As one of the industry leaders in specialty fibres, Polymicro Technologies LLC is able to offer a wide selection of tight tolerance standard multimode step-index fibres. Available on-line are the High -OH FVP and Ultra Low -OH FIP ranges of Polyimide coated fibres in convenient reel lengths. If you require different lengths or any of the other ranges of Polymicro Technologies optical fibre please contact our sales department.

Fibre Optic Ferrules

CM Scientific offers ultra high quality precision glass ferrules and alignment sleeves for the Fibre Optic market manufactured from Borosilicate and Clear Fused Quartz glasses. As well as a range of standard ferrules custom made ferrules are made to a customer's specfication utilising proprietary technology and processes.

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