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Box of two cuvettes

Optical Glass spectrophotometer cells with PTFE Stopper. Suitable for 320nm - 2.6um wavelengths. Available in a range of Path Lengths from 5mm to 100mm. Cells have two windows polished.

» Standard Cell in Optical Glass with Stopper
  Product ID 1003-13
Price56.78€ (69.84€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-14
Price56.78€ (69.84€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-15
Price77.80€ (95.69€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-16
Price57.61€ (70.86€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-17
Price109.33€ (134.48€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-18
Price119.28€ (146.71€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-19
Price198.78€ (244.50€ Inc. VAT)

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