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VitroCom fabricates a complete line of Large Ratio Rectangle Tubing in Borosilicate Glass with Inner Diameters (ID) from 1mm x 15mm up to 8mm x 80mm. Standard unit lengths are 300mm or 600mm.

Please select the length of tube required.

Vitrocom glass capillaries


» Large Ratio Rectangle Tubing
  Product ID RT0110-length
Price69.97€ (86.06€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0115-length
Price77.02€ (94.73€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0212-length
Price84.07€ (103.41€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0220-length
Price91.13€ (112.09€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0330-length
Price98.18€ (120.76€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0350-length
Price105.24€ (129.45€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0440-length
Price112.29€ (138.12€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0550-length
Price119.34€ (146.79€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0660-length
Price154.61€ (190.17€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0770-length
Price225.16€ (276.95€ Inc. VAT)
  Product ID RT0880-length
Price295.70€ (363.71€ Inc. VAT)

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