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Inner-Lok(TM) Capillary Connectors

The Inner‐Lok™ connector is designed for quick, contamination‐free coupling of Gas Chromatography (GC) columns and other polyimide coated fused silica tubing applications. It is a precision component which provides an excellent  thermal and expansion match with Polymicro Technologies’ most popular fused silica capillary tubing.

» InnerLok(TM) Capillary Connectors
Inner-Lok(TM) GC Universal Union (5 pk)
  Product ID GC-Union
Price65.45€ (80.50€ Inc. VAT)
Inner-Lok(TM) GC 3-way Y-shaped Splitter (each)
  Product ID GC-Y
Price105.91€ (130.27€ Inc. VAT)

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